Custom Quest with Currency 395

[COLOR=rgb(40,40,40)]First : I’m german = bad english

[COLOR=rgb(40,40,40)]Ok i hope you can help me because i’ve no idea to solve this problem. I wanted to create a custom quest with trnitycore 4.3.4, so i created the quest with the currency id 395 and rewardcurrencycount1 70 (so that you are getting 70 point at the end of the quest). It didn’t work. After that i informed myself in trinity forums and i discovered, that currency amount rate is alway /100, so i typed in in rewardcurrencycount1 7000 (for 70 points). but when i now restart my core, it resets itself on 255 so that you #'ll get 2,5 points at the end. so my question, what should i do to make the rewardcurrencycount work? what is the problem?