Custom req to equip item

Well i explain a bit, want to add a thing like: ''Only Vip Rank4-6 can equip this!" on the item, that in description but when u try equip the item and u don’t have the vip rank 4-6 on the account u can’t equip it and it says “You can’t equip this item” like when trying to equip something for higher level.

I have this patch: (Credits: AK47SIGH)

but the ppl says its outdated and won’t work.

Also in the guide says to add this:

if(pProto->vipLevel > GetSession()->GetSecurity())
// can’t equip item if vip level higher than your GM rank
but i have no idea where to add it, so if some1 can explain me a bit.

Im pretty sure the guide had more in it than just “add this code block in the source”.

The patch looks good, although I think [COLOR=rgb(0,176,0)]EQUIP_ERR_NONE should be changed to (InventoryResult)83.

The code block you posted isnt probably even needed, hmm…