Custom Titles With Hotfixes

Hello again, I’m trying to add a custom title through the hotfixes database. I added the entry to tables char_titles and hotfix_data. The title shows up with the .lo title command, but when I add it to a character it doesn’t appear on their title list.

Any ideas what the problem is?

Hey Selia!,

Sorry but if I’m not mistaken, this requires client/DBC modding which is not supported in this forum.

Btw wrong section, should be Custom Code and Requests



@Mortos There is no DBC in 6.x branch, everything uses DB2 and hotfixes db (client knows about it)

@Selia char_titles.MaskID must be lower than 384 (client cannot handle higher values, this is limited by size of PLAYER__FIELD_KNOWN_TITLES (32 * 12) and cannot conflict with any of the existing titles

Is there a way to change this [COLOR=rgb(39,42,52)]PLAYER__FIELD_KNOWN_TITLES number somewhere? Because I plan to add a lot of titles, which means I’ll definitely run out of MaskID’s to use.

Like Shauren said, it’s client limitation, if there is any way to change that it’s 100% unusuported here.

No, size of the field is fixed and cannot be changed (to give you an idea - you would need to edit the client binary in thousands of places)

@Shauren Interesting, thanks for the correction, I keep forgetting that 6.x is a thing!


Okay, last question then. Is there a way to remove the current WoW titles in char_titles.db2 without wowserver.exe complaining that the db2 is out of date?

hotfix_data.Deleted column