Custome Zone with Custom Phase for every char

Hi, i want to know, is it possible to create custom zone, so when character entering it, zone assign unique for character phase, and it saves it for further character come backs.


[ol][li]If Character new to zone → generate phase and assign it to character[/li] [li]Spawn npc which is same for all chars, except the fact that it will be binded to zone and phase of particular character[/li] [li]On every entering, zone phase is already saved for this character, so we have same zone on every zone entry[/li][/ol]
Is it possible to create script like this, and if so, can you give me rough idea of how to implement it

I’ve read it, and the question is, is it possible to actually create unique phase based on Player GUID and for example int as 1000000?

So Player with GUID 32, will be assigned to phase 1000032.

It is kind of

uint32 PlayerPhaseMask = Convert.ToUint32(PlayerGUID + 1000000); void Unit::SetPhaseMask(uint32 PlayerPhaseMask, bool update);

Why use +something?

Why not just directly use the player guid?

And yes. Anything is possible.

Why not just use instances, which have been doing what you want for almost the entire time WOW has been out?

I’ve looked through character database, but instances there are about real Instances, so actually i’ve no idea what are you talking about =)