Database Not Up-To-Date?

So I was trying to make some quests on my TrinityCore 3.3.5a server, but when I went onto the Wiki ( and looked at all the tables, I realised that it is not correct with what I have in my Database and so I have no idea how to do certain things (such as how to make a quest chain because I can’t find PrevQuestID and NextQuestID only NextChainQuestID which doesn’t help much.

So is the Wiki outdated or did my DB fuck up? Because the server can still run on what I have so I’m guessing the wiki is outdated.

The wiki is outdated, any help to keep it updated would be very appreciated =)

At this moment, it is better if you use something like SQLYog or phpmyadmin to browse the DB schema instead of relying on the structure in the wiki.

P.S PrevQuestId and NextQuestId (and a few others) were moved to quest_template_addon