DB2 files


I would like to ask how to edit or convert to DBC || SQL files and back.

I was searching on forum, downloaded some programs which didn’t work, tried to install IBM DB2 but I wasn’t able to install it and also I’ve tried to do it with dBASE II …

OMG… is there any simple way?

Thanks for help, Thomson.

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You can convert from dbc/db2 to SQL with https://github.com/tomrus88/dbcviewer

WoW ! Perfect, super, thanks!!! And how to get SQL back to DB2? /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

we don’t support dbc/db2 edition.

Well. TrinityCore is using Item.db2 and Item-sparse.db2 in dbc folder.

By the way, some help could be provided.

But, thanks for reply.

We use them, we don’t modify them, and no, client modification is unsuported on this forum.

I Just wanted some help from someone, who have experience with this…