So I have a quick question, will disabling DBC.EnforceItemAttributes in the worldserver config make the server any more unstable?

Which core are you using?

3.3.5a. And I just realized that when I do disable it, it doesn’t work anyway /emoticons/default_tongue.png

Seeing as how the 3.3.5a (master) branch seems to use the database for all of its items, that doesn’t surprise me. That’s why I asked which core you were using. The 4.3.4 branch pulls data from item.db2 and item-sparse.db2, with only about 180 entries in item_template (generally, items that are missing from the db2 files, but is the suggested place to add custom items).

So, in your case, that setting really should be ignored.

Why you think disabling that will make core more stable?

I meant to say more unstable. /emoticons/default_tongue.png