Debug problem: "stack.cpp" not found

I tried Google but it was no help.

I’m trying to debug why PetAI autocast spells keep getting “SPELL_FAILED_NOT_READY” but when leaving Creature::HasCategoryCooldown() (using step into or step over) the debugger gets stuck on worldserver.exe!_RTC_CheckStackVars() and displays the message: stack.cpp not found

Under debugging options you can turn on disassembly but that doesn’t really help me since I haven’t used assembly in 10 years. What I want to do is simply step out of HasCategoryCooldown() and return to the calling function. Instead my choice is to press “Continue” and let the debugger just go or enable disassembly which as I mentioned isn’t helpful.

According to RTC runtime checks it’s because /RTC1 also performs stack frame checking. How safe would it be to switch this to /RTCu instead?

did you try to step out from there ?

Yes, once VS opens the page “stack.cpp not found” it just gets stuck there. Repeatedly hitting F10 or F11 just makes the page flash the message again.

Setting the debugger to disassemble it causes the stepping not to work at all once it hits the assembly code. It seems that stepping in the assembly just moves you to the next line.

Step Out is Shift + F11

Yes, I know that but it had no effect. Once the “Stack.cpp not found” message appears, the debugger can’t understand where to “step out” to (or “step over”) because it seems it can no longer traverse the stack. The only way out was to manually double-click the previous frames in the stack window, find the arrow that points to the line where execution will resume at and put a breakpoint on it and hit “continue”.

It’s just really annoying and VS 2008 didn’t have this problem though I don’t think we used RTC back then anyway.