Delete mails and modify hearthstone?


I try to remove a mail from a player, including update his mailbox. I find a player function which calls “RemoveMail(uint32 messageID)”, but this function does not work. Is there annother function or methode to remove a mail?

My second problem is the hearthstone. If a player use his hearthstone, then i want to set his phase to 1. I dont find the code location from the hearthstone, where i can modify these.

You’re going to have to attach either an effect to change the phase to one on the Hearthstone, add a script call to the effect, or add it as an ItemScript. DBC, DBC, or DB.

Regarding RemoveMail being ineffective, are you certain you’re passing the correct id?

How can i attach a script to the hearthstone script?

I think RemoveMail need the message id. So the id from the mail table in the character database. Is that correct?