[Delete please] How to find area trigger ids

Hey I’m new to trinitycore (not new to programming, I’m a java developer) and I’m trying to fix the volcanic inferno trait for elemental shaman in the ashamanecore repo and I’m trying to look on how other spells are implemented such as cinderstorm etc which its script name is binded in the areatrigger_template table. They all have an area trigger id which i cant seem to find in the db2 files I have generated. I have looked in the areatrigger table and all over the place in the db2 files and can’t find anything related to area trigger ids for other spells commented in the code. Is this data that is sniffed from the client or? Also I’m a bit confused for example there is another talent for ench shaman called crashing storm which is a similiar area affect to the volcano which is triggered when you use crash lightning. However this is located in the spell_areatrigger and the script name is in areatrigger_scripts. I’m trying to wrap my head around how all the fields and all the tables go together with the code and what all the flags and enum values mean. How does it know to trigger the spell with a specific id from the area trigger id? :slight_smile:

Nvm I figured it out

Areatrigger template id - used value from sniff. But you can add custom id.

Spell_areatrigger - SpellMiscId = SpellEffect MiscValueA, AreaTriggerId -called from Areatrigger template id.