Difference between 3.3.5 and TDB 720.00

Hi I am a bit confused here is TDB 720.00 still wotlk?

Nope it’s not. TDB 720.00 belongs to ‘master’ branch which is currently legion Of course all wotlk content is (or should be) included with this one, but it’s far less stable and it uses content and mechanics introduced in all these post-wotlk addons (cataclysm, pandaria and so on).

Thanks because i am compiling everything works fine but the extractors does not work.

You need a (unmodified) Wrath of the Lichking game client that is 3.3.5a for the 3.3.5 branch and a Legion game client that is currently 7.3.2 when you want to use the master branch. That means you can’t use the 3.3.5 extractors on a 7.3.2 game client and you can’t use the master-branch extractors on a 3.3.5 game client.

You want to use master branch → use 7.3.2 game client and master extractors

You want to use 3.3.5 branch → use 3.3.5a game client and 3.3.5 extractors

Anyway you should probably just post the error you receive while using your extractors :slight_smile: