Dire Maul Spawn Fixes

This data comes from UDB(Ty UDB) and I just converted the table to TDB format and exported it with SQLyog.

This contains only the creature spawns, not gameobjects, waypoints, auras, etc.

I think it’s a start.

EDIT: No GUID conflits or overflow.


What am I missing? What’s wrong with the creatures on here, and why would UDB have it better? /emoticons/default_smile.png

I have seen a release of UDB stating that they have a Blizzlike spawned Dire Maul and if you enter “our” Dire Maul you will see alot of missing and incorrect spawns for example: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=14566/ancient-equine-spirit#comments is spawned and should not.

Here are the gameobjects, yet again, from UDB


While UDB is not in any way YTDB, still, spawns should be coming from sniffs/wdb (if you have documentation that they got them from sniffs/wdb, that may be good enough)

I just got the post from the foums and the post from Brian(when he was in udb) stating “UDB is an attempt to replicate the blizz world EXACTLY – without trade offs / workarounds / omissions. Will it ever happen, probably not. Blizz changes things WAY faster than we can keep up”

I got nothing more, sorry.