Disable /kiss & /sexy /dance Command

Hi , Any Body can Help me for How to Disable or delete /kiss & /sexy & /dance Command in sourse or mysql ?

You would have to edit the client to completely remove those command and that we do not support (in any way).

If your religion/country/whatever else doesn’t allow those commands probably you should change game and pick something else.

I think you can make an exception in ChatHandler ->[FONT=monospace] [/FONT]HandleTextEmoteOpcode

, for those specific emote IDs.

/kiss: 58

/sexy: 80

/dance: 34

Jayzee is correct. I tested this out; see attached patch for you.


Also on GitHub now: https://github.com/Kline-/TrinityCore-Patches/tree/master/disable_socials

If there is interest I’ll work on this a bit more to make it check from a DB table instead of static magic numbers in the Chat Handler.

guys i can filter some text ? i want filter some name like Fuck…

pls help me