Disable unknown area discovered output

Greetings, I wish to prevent worldserver from spamming “Player ‘%s’ (%s) discovered unknown area (x: %f y: %f z: %f map: %u)”.
Can you tell me how to do it via worldserver.conf because I am not really familiar with the output/log configs.
The log function is located in Player.cpp

Using TrinityCore 3.3.5 branch, hash d4b233f83be69d7b955d902740f9faf47cfd2c2e. (released on 4/3/2018 18:01:42 PM)
Usually the easy way is to just comment the ERROR log in Player.cpp,but if there is alternative way without editing the core,I prefer it.


that’s anticheat measure. there is no disable setting for it.

Oh,then I will just comment the error output in player.cpp
Does anything else happen in the core(except the output) when a player is in unknown area?

No, it needs gm review because there are some zones with false positives, but usualy fly+speed hackers uses to appear on those logs when they don’t care about paths.

Thanks for the answers ,have a nice day ^^