Disable ValidateAppearance

Heyho, after a very long time the Movie brings back WoW in my mind so i started again on a little modded server for 3.3.5a. Evrything works awesome on my old windows test server with a trinity version from late 2013. But on my new Linux server with an freshly build Trinity i cant create most of my custom Races like Pandaren or Tuskar (Pandaren female works, but male not, same by Tuskar). So after a long session of google search i found a hin on a new Code in the player.cpp ValidateAppearance.
So long story short, i need help to find out how to disable the ValidateAppearance function in terms of Hair, Skin, Facialhair etc. all the new stuff that comes in around mid 2015.

Hope anyone can help.

An easy way is to make ValidateAppearance always return true.

bool Player::ValidateAppearance(uint8 race, uint8 class_, uint8 gender, uint8 hairID, uint8 hairColor, uint8 faceID, uint8 facialHair, uint8 skinColor, bool create /=false/)
return true;