Dungeon FInder Problem (Custom)

Hey guys i have another question i solved a lot of errors in my custom class but i left one thing.

They doesn’t work in Dungeon FInder, i know that is coded but i don’t know where and what i have to edit.

Can anyone help me please?

If you mean roles, weren’t you already told it would require client editing, which is not allowed on this forum…

i know how to edit the client, but i need the devolopment xDDDDDD

There are other forums online for discussing modifications that involved client editing. Try those.

Doesn’t sound at all like you’re asking about client side modding… ^ ^


Look at the coding for the other classes and clone it for your new class.

thx mferrill ^^

No problem. They are understandably very touchy when the subject even comes close to being Client Mods, or related (even indirectly it seems) to client modding. Feel free to PM though if you have other questions