Dynamic LoS

Hi there,

I’d like to know if there is a way to make dynamic line of sight.

My idea is to temporary block LoS with a game object /emoticons/default_smile.png

For example lifts in Ring of Valor arena… each lift there is

considered a door. So if the door is open, spells should go through

it, if it’s closed, they shouldn’t. Any ideas, how to do that?

Or even better: Is anything like this already implemented in the core?

Thanks for your answer


Dynamic line of sight is something noone has yet implemented, at least not proper version of it.

so if I got it, you say that someone was trying to create

dynamic LoS already, but it wasn’t proper enough ?

… I haven’t paid any attention to the whole LoS system

yet, if it’s fixed only on vmaps or can be changed by script

… sounds like a good challenge anyway /emoticons/default_smile.png

Let me correct you, something that no one has publicly implemented. It is very possible to do what your saying, just a bitch to get it perfect, a simple version would be done by xy cords only, there is no way that I know of currently to map out a gameobject’s size, you can check to see if the target cords and gameobject cords interject each other and thus creating a simple gobject collision.


Oh god I actually sound smart/nerdy o_o

ye that would be enough, it’s just not as easy as it sounds

I’ve done it just not for trinity been to lazy to convert it tbh.

Should there be LoS on the gamobjects used for collision ? Another tricky example of those LoS problems are in SoA : stand in front of a destroyed door, and your target on the other side … « Target is out of sight » Really annoying for casters but you have to deal with that as long as no one can fix it …

Besides I never understood the effect applied to gobs when you enable « losOK » (for example, data8 for a questgiver), since I never noticed any difference, maybe because dynamic LoS are not implemented ?

[EDIT] Fixed awful typo.

For perfect gameobject collision mapping gameobject displays need to be done, and I know but I forget which gameobject type has a data field for having collision or not.

It’s strange. On one hand it’s possible to bug some boss encounters when whole party save tank is outside the room and fight through closed doors … and on the other hand there are GOs that block LOS when they shouldn’t (destroyed platform in Eye of Eternity).

I wish I understood anything about GD3 /emoticons/default_mellow.png

but I don’t want to abuse some bug to create dynamic LoS…

I want a proper solution of it