Editing Boss script's-Help

Let me start by saying yes I am new to this. I also hope thing is posted in the correct section. I am only here after hours of searching with no luck on how to edit a script that is already in place and some what working. I am not trying to creating a new script simply change/correct scripts that are already in place and sort of working mainly being timers for spell’s and abiltys. I am not a programer but have been though the guides and feel this is well with in what I am capable of doing. However after seaching though here and Ac-web I have yet to find any useful info regarding finding and editing an a current script. I will not assume to know any thing,what I have read only left more questions then answers.

In short what I am looking for is:

What program is used for editing scripts, if I do not have it where would I down load the program. If it is the program called Scripts_Converter what version of microsoft C++ Visual does it require to run. Mine try’s to open with 2010 and I get a incompatable file message.

Where can the script/scripts be found ? I find file’s that look like possable NPC sripts that are .obj files, are these correct and again what is used to open them to view.

How is the updated script placed back into the program to be used and are there any tools needed to make the new script work. Will simple changes to a script require changes to the Db ?

I know I am a noob and that is why I am asking, I would have been much happery if i could have found a post that covered this to avoid posting. I am a die hard wow fan and it breaks my heart to see these fights so far from the way they were ment to be and would like the chance to try and correct them myself.

You can edit them in notepad or any other text editor.


and no, they’re .cpp files.

You will have to recompile trinitycore.

and no, simpile changes to a script won’t require changes to the DB.

Thank you for the responce. I seem to have been looking in the wrong place. I followed the install guide to the letter and it never came across my head to look in the folder that the compiled program came from.

For any one else that might search and find this my issue was — My folders were trinity and build(per winki sugestions) I was looking in the build folder and was finding the .obj files however the place listed turned out to be in my trinity folder the files were marked as a C++ file but did in fact open with note pad.

Thank you for the fast reply that could have saved me a few hours today.

I do have a question though in the 1st script I was wanting to look at I see lines like this :


DoScriptText(SAY_KRICK_OUTRO_8, me);

// TODO: Tyrannus starts killing Krick.

// there shall be some visual spell effect

if (Creature* tyrannus = ObjectAccessor::GetCreature(*me, _tyrannusGUID))

tyrannus->CastSpell(me, SPELL_NECROMANTIC_POWER, true); //not sure if it’s the right spell :confused:

_events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_OUTRO_10, 1000);


case EVENT_OUTRO_11:

DoCast(me, SPELL_KRICK_KILL_CREDIT); // don’t really know if we need it



_events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_OUTRO_12, 3000);


Map::PlayerList const &players = caster->GetMap()->GetPlayers();

for (Map::PlayerList::const_iterator itr = players.begin(); itr != players.end(); ++itr)

if (Player* player = itr->getSource())

if (player->IsWithinDist(caster, 60.0f)) // don’t know correct range

caster->CastSpell(player, SPELL_EXPLOSIVE_BARRAGE_SUMMON, true);

Are things like this the reason spells are wrong/missing or have the wrong effect that goes with them ? Also looking though the script reads much diffrent then the examples In the winki as as other sample scripts and guides I have read over for trinity coding. I also see some diffrences in the way some of the scripts are written from say Krick to King Dred in a much olded instance… are these all writen in the same format by the same person or is there a varation that can be worked with and still produce the same outcome ? What I’m looking at is the way the timers are at first glance for Kind Dred timers are done in the same fasion as the winki guides as well as some other scripts I was looking at yet the Krick and Ick script timers seem to be spread all over and not easy to find. I want to make sure what ever I work on is current and not some older form that is soon to be outdated.

I think maybe you should learn what C++ is before you try doing things above your current level of expertise.