Editing items in 6.x - I know, I know ...

Hello TrinityCore team

I was kinda surprised that there is no items_template table anymore in 6.x. Then, I read that it is not used anymore. So in other words: I cannot manipulate the features of items anymore, right?

I am asking because of a very specific reason: I set up a WoW server years ago and I remember that I needed to work with MySQL. Now, I am a teacher and I’m teaching the basics of IT in school. No fancy things like real programming, yet, but we’re getting there :wink:

However, the schedule says that we should give students an introduction to Database Management Systems. So I thought that a new approach to teach kids would be a good idea since my colleagues have only taught some Access 2010 skills and that’s it. Therefore, I came up with the idea to set up local WoW servers and give them tasks to mess around with the database like edit values of items, etc.

Unfortunately, they can’t edit or create items in 6.x, right?

I didn’t compile a 3.x server because I don’t know how to get a client for that server easily. For 6.x, you just need to download the free version.

So I’m just asking again for the sake of my students: Isn’t there a way to edit the items in Trinitycore 6.x? If there really isn’t … Can you think of other interesting tasks that I could give them to learn editing a database? XD I’m not an expert myself, either, but I know the basics. It’s been a while since I messed around with MySQL …

Editing and creating new items in 6.x is possible however it’s done in a different way. On 6.x you have an extra database, hotfixes, where you can send patches to the client of a lot of different entities, including items.

I’m not sure if TC (any of the branches) is a good way to teach something in a classroom setting, mainly because you’ll spend a lot of time with issues that don’t really add much to the education of the students. (But probably it could work in a workshop or something longer.)

This isn’t stable or well tested software, it might work, it might not.

If you still want to do it, go with the 3.3.5 branch. There’s a couple of torrents circulating where you can get the client from.

What the hell …

WoW servers in school for education ? OMG

Besides of Nay’s concerns … never thought about legal questions ?