enemies not attacking

Hi, I am trying to make a WoTLK private server using TC however for some reason I can walk through the mobs (not NPCs, just animals/familiars etc) and they only attack me if I attack them first, meaning I can walk up to Yarrog Boneshadow and attack him without any of the enemies nearby reacting/doing anything. Any idea why this is happening? I compiled everything correctly and did not notice any errors in the log that could be the cause. Thanks

That NPC is neutral (yellow), so it is not supposed to attack unless it is provoked: http://wotlk.openwow.com/npc=3183

are you in gm mode on?

try .gm off

‚ÄčAh k, is that meant to be shown as A or H? Never used openWOW before. Thanks for the help btw

React: A H

A shows the color of the reaction against Alliance members

H shows the color of the reaction against Horde members

The color can be Green (friendly), Yellow (neutral) or Red (hostile).