Equip weapon to a custom creature

So, as the title says, I wonder how to equip a weapon to a custom creature.
Since the equipment_id column has been removed a lot of time ago from the creature_template table, I tried to use the creature_equip_template table to make a custom creature use a weapon, but it didn’t work.

I tried myself to create an equipment_id column in the creature_template table and I filled it, but it still didn’t work…

How can I make custom creature use a weapon? I have a 3.3.5a compiled server.

What did you stick to the columns in the database (creature_equip_template)

So this is what I put in each column of the creature_equip_template table.

Entry: 99981 (the entry of the interested creature is 99981)

id: 1

itemEntry1: 64397 (the display id of the weapon, Glorenzelg High-Blade of the Silver Hand)

itemEntry2: Empty

itemEntry3: Empty

Is there something wrong in how I filled the columns?

Note, the itemEntry1 … 3 are item ENTRIES

not displays.

so if you want the worn short sword, it would be 25 if I remember the entry correctly.

If some NPC has an entry that isnt in DB in the equip template, it still exists in DBC and thus can be used.