error in compile Fake Player Patch


Why don’t you apply it first and see what breaks?

Simply pasting a patch and asking for help to get it working isn’t exactly the most helpful thing you could have done.

[COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)] can’t finde :

// m_nextSave reseted in SaveToDB call
sLog->outDebug(LOG_FILTER_PLAYER, “Player ‘%s’ (GUID: %u) saved”, GetName().c_str(), GetGUIDLow());

[COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)]AND :

bool receiverIsPlayer = AccountMgr::IsPlayerAccount(receiver ? receiver->GetSession()->GetSecurity() : SEC_PLAYER);
if (!receiver || (senderIsPlayer && !receiverIsPlayer && !receiver->isAcceptWhispers() && !receiver->IsInWhisperWhiteList(sender->GetGUID())))

[COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)]AND :
m_bool_configs[CONFIG_ALLOW_TWO_SIDE_TRADE] = ConfigMgr::GetBoolDefault(“”, false)

[COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)]in new rev of trinitycore

The two last ones have been obsoleted by RBAC and, you will need to figure out the new system to make it work, the first one, I dunno.

can help me ?

error log in compile :

No we can’t, sorry.

Get someone else to spoon feed you.