Escape From Silverbrook - Problem With Vehicle

I’ve found some fix for this q:

And it works well, almost /emoticons/default_wink.png

The problem is when player gets on the horse, the spells do not appear. I changed id to 52 ( for test) and spells appear.

So i think it’s something to with horse’s vehicleid (51). This id causes horse to unable to attack or use spells. I haven’t found any other ids matching to this creature.

Someone has any idea how to fix this id?

I tested all id’s with 2 seats and nothing no one of all is, maybe need something ot be coded…

My God pastebin sucks D:

I put it in for anyone who wants:



Anyway, I’ll test it out tonight after class. Depending on how many seats the creature has, I’d use vehicleId 22. But still, cannot say anything without testing it out first.

Sniff Confirms Vehicle id 51.

So the problem is with vehicle/seats flags?…ore/issues/4186

Here i’ve found hte same problem with seats. I think there is something in core that makes show spell in vehicle only for 1. seat in vehicle. Or maybe this is problem with void Player::VehicleSpellInitialize(?