Excessive DBErrors

Hi! Can someone tell me if it’s normal?
I have some errors in Server.log file, but I think it’s normal or acceptable.
But in DBErrors.log it has too many errors (41410 lines :blink: ) and it does not seem normal.
I’m using the latest:
Master: 6b29c4da76fbdcb55b4a89f485a5cff58c4296b9
And I have generated the files dbc, cameras, gt, maps, mmaps and vmaps… with client (esES), and of course I have set
“DBC.Locale = 6” in to “worldserver.conf”
Could it be that the problem is due to the language of the client and the extracted dbc? or have I done something wrong?

Thanks :wink:

DBC complete load . Reply exctract dbc if you not , maps ,mmaps and vmaps disable . Server.log very clean ) How you update db ? TDB in source main and update all upload ? : Or TDB 735 + update in tdb source :slight_smile:

me Loading C++ scripts
>> Loaded 91 C++ scripts in 8719 ms you

Loaded 2731 C++ scripts in 634 ms Validating spell scripts… _SpellScript::ValidateSpellInfo: Spell 65219 does not exist.

more more more)

TDB 735.00 + source updates included with the latest Master:6b29c4da76fbdcb55b4a89f485a5cff58c4296b9

Maybe with the client “engb” or “enus” when extracting the DBC files it gives less errors, but I do not have time to be testing and extracting… I asked if it only happens for extracting DBCs from the client “eses” or its happening this to all.

dbc/db2 locales doens’t have nothing to do with dberrors, the amount of rows is “logical” because patch version change, master branch never will have clean startup error.

I know, the master branch is not the cleanest but I thought the number of failures was excessive, but if it is normal, there is nothing to worry about.

Thanks, I’m more relaxed knowing that I was not the one who broke something. :stuck_out_tongue: