Executables won't run properly ?

Hey everyone.

I’ve got a problem concerning my compiled executable files not running properly.

These are:

After running any of these files none of them open properly.

What I mean by this is that when I double-click on a file, nothing happens, there is no window popup or anything for me to see.

What I do see however is in my Task Manager processes of these files being there (2 or 3 from just one opening) that can’t be terminated and these processes now block me from trying again launching the applications without restarting my PC.

I’ve noticed that after I recompile the my things again through Visual Studio that the .exe files work once or twice (I tested only Authserver and Worldserver and they opened normally and were running normally), but after a few time same problem is there (the above mentioned one).

I don’t know is this because I’m trying to compile it in x64 bit, because when I try x32 bit, errors appear because MySQL is x64 bit.

Thanks in forward.

EDIT: I followed everything by the letter in the guide(s) here:



My PC:

CPU: i5 2500K @ 4.5Ghz

GPU: GTX 980 Ti

SSD: Samsung 850 EVO

RAM: Patriot 8GB (2x4GB) 1600 MHz

There are a few AntiVirus software packages that will lock the TrinityCore exeutables in a sandbox of some kind, but never let them out again because they trigger some kind of heurisitics in the AV software package. I can only suggest that you try without AV software installed, because I haven’t seen that problem myself, neither on Windows 7 nor Windows 10.

Did that, and still the same problem.

I don’t get it what the problem is in.

I believe it’s somewhere in the compiler but I cannot confirm it.

I tried running also others compiled Authserver.exe and Worldserver.exe and extractors and still the same problem.

What happens if you start the executables from the command line console?

Nothing, the console doesn’t respond anymore.

Anyone ?

I still can’t find a solution.

[COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)]This will be the last bump from em for this thread, if anyone else has any suggestions let me know.

On those requirements, did you happen to do any of the optional part (namely the first optional item)? Meaning, do you have the appropriate redist package for the Visual Studio version you’re running? You say other, already compiled versions do the same thing, suggesting a missing/bad DLL file is involved. Reinstallation of the compiler and the appropriate redist package(s) would be my first suggestion. Does anything else behave wrong on your system?

Well nothing is wrong on my system so maybe it is the compiler only, and no I did not do any of the optional steps as I already have the redistributable packages , but I will try to reinstall and post the results again, thanks for the suggestion Kylroi.