Extract with Windows and put it to Linux


I read that I can extract DBC/Maps etc on windows and put it on a linux server, after running the Trinity core under windows I would like to do it under Linux (it also make me learn a bit of Linux)

But I got this problem and maybe you can help me to solve it (The red border is to show what come from my windows)



this doesn’t look like a clean TrinityCore server. We can only help you if you use the official code base (https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/).

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It’s the Eluna version yes,

Also this post http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19100708/mongodb-mongorestore-failure-localefacet-s-create-c-locale-name-not-valid help me but now I go disconnection, I can’t figure why, because it get reconnected just after, but no way to connect


Update : the entry 3781 of worldstates in my DB is 0, but the account where the worldserver connect get all autorisations, if that can help you to help me ^^’ also there is the auth one





It’s ok now the problem is solved (the answer was in the topic I post)

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