Find My "liked" Posts?

I was a little surprised to see I have 25 likes and was curious what they might be. I only know of one post in “Help & Support” with a like (my VS guide) and “find my content” doesn’t have an option to only find “liked” posts.

Now I know this isn’t a big deal but is there a way to search that type of data? I’m curious.

I think there isn’t a way to do that.

You could receive a mail/notification when you get a ‘like’ in

Neat, thanks. I guess I should take some time to browse my control panel. /emoticons/default_smile.png

In case anyone cares, I just found the option (not sure if it existed when this topic was made) for seeing your own likes:

Nope, when I first posted there was no way to check other than to receive a notification which clutters up the inbox.

Oh well, your wish has been granted in that case! /emoticons/default_happy.png