Flame Tsunami in Obsidian Sanctuary

Been testing something in OS.

I wanted to have the Flame Tsunamis move faster. From the TankSpot videos i can imagine thats more blizzlike.

What i found out so far:

  • 30616 is the entry of the actual NPC

  • at spawn he sets his displayID to 11686 (invisible)

  • 57494 is the Aura he adds himself and lets him look like a lava wave

  • he also has some Buffs to deal aoe-dmg

correct so far?

what i don’t understand, is how the movement works.

There is a spell 60241 which lets the caster jump foreward, but i can’t find out who casts it or is it used at all?

the other thing i found out are two locations for each Flame - one is the spawn and the other one is the target where its supposed to move.

But what actual makes the npc move? and how could i adjust the speed?

On retail, at least on 4.3.4 they move quite slow.

To increase the speed, you have to change the values “speed_walk” or “speed_run” in the database → creature_template of the trigger npcs

oke, i never did it on retail. Just saw some vids…

Be careful taking timing from youtube videos, they are usually sped up, especially during fight scenes.

oke, i’ve been thinking about the mini drakes:

They should spawn a GO-Portal to funktion proper.

But all i can find in the Script is a guid search, but no portals in the DB. How does that work.

Wouldn’t it be easier, to just let the Drakes spawn the go?

I spawned them manually and the bosses just work fine with it…