Floating toolbar

I don’t really like the floating toolbar, but, I can put up with it on my PC, on my smartphone, however, it is super annoying and makes it almost impossible to read posts.

screenshot? because Im not sure what we are talking about.

The toolbar, where all the links and whatnot are, the one that stays visible when you scroll down.

I don’t have such a thing.

If you click the little light bulb type icon next to view new content you can open quick navigation which stays visible while you scroll. Is that it? You can simply close that though and it’s not really a toolbar.

It only exists in the theme blood, which is the only theme I like, apart from the toolbar… Gamer looks OK, but, still not as good.

Oh. Well, I’m using the default theme, that explains it all I guess.

ah I see now, well its part of that theme so not much can be done about that atm i think, Im sure theres a way to hack it in but why would I want to is the question o.0 we have multiple themes, they all come with pros cons :expressionless:

now gamer has a floating toolbar of sorts, wtf? I hate the default theme.