Force Join custom chat channel on Login

Hey guys, anyone kind enough to help me with a script or a way to force players to join an specific custom chat channel on login?, let’s say channel “Bunniez”.

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I’m interesting, too!

Can’t be done without client edits, and then getting everyone on your server to use your custom client. So, forget about it.

Well it can be done with one addon.

Same difference, everyone on the server would need to have the addon…

Have a look at onlogin and channel join functions.

Yeah and just add it in the OnPlayerLogin funktion… should be easy.

nope, you cannot force the client to join a channel, that is why the client handles joining channels using the client DBCs.

Jif you do that you may eventually manage to prompt the client to enter the channel but never to force him to join him. The only way would be to add this channel to the client dbc, which is something we do not support over here.

Try sending your channels in PER_CHARACTER_CHAT_CACHE

Hello, this is for the most experienced devs on this forum, i’m looking to create a script that joins a player on a channel automatically on player login! i already was able to find the function OnPlayerLogin under playerscripts, i guess there is where i am supposed to code!

Looked in ChannelMgr.cpp / ChannelHandler.cpp and some other sources related to Channels, but i was unable to find a suitable function for this, most of the functions require a channelId, i’m not sure where i can get it, it’s possible to simulate a string like if was the player sending it to the server?

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Similar question has been answered here.

i know but no useful answer was given

Wrong, several were, such as this one

Just because you don’t like the answer, doesn’t mean it isn’t useful.

Edit: Nevermind

I said it, with one addon you can do it.

yeah u’re right, but for what i want to do , no… i wanted to edit the source code, not the dbc…

You cannot force the client to join a channel from the server.

can you read it now?

well , you didn’t need to be so rude -.- i read it now, and i realized that ok?

i just wanted to know if there is another way instead the dbc, nothing else! -.-

but fine -.- i will find solution. srsly

I’ll tell you! /emoticons/default_biggrin.png If you share your Cross Faction BG code from here… /emoticons/default_biggrin.png