Forum tagging breaks certain URLs with + signs, can you pick another tag?

This URL:

what is google glass

in this thread kept getting converted into this (thereby breaking it) when I clicked “submit” because Google is a registered member on the forums:

search?hl=en&as_q=what+is+[ member = ]

Note: added spaces around “member” because the forum kept removing that too.

I had to edit my post several times before it would finally stop breaking the URL. I would suggest using a different tag symbol so the forum software doesn’t break URLs with member names in them.

or, fix it so it only works if there is a space before the + or, it is at the beginning of a line.

Another possibility would be to allow escaping it by using a double plus (++) or some other escape code.

This would be the easiest solution, I would think.

what symbol would you like to see used? and remember it will break all previous “tags”

Is it possible for the forum software to not parse anything between http, https or ftp and the trailing space? Since URLs can’t have spaces in them these could indicate the start and end of a url to be ignored.