Hi ! i’m updating Fusion CMS to use trinity core with 6.x core, but i noticed 2 tables that was deprecated (i’dont know why) and i i don’t know how to get that info (or some table replacement): get_item , and gm_tickets.


Well, basically need to retrieve user’s items info with this query

“get_item” => “SELECT entry, Flags, name, Quality, bonding, InventoryType, MaxDurability, RequiredLevel, ItemLevel, class, subclass, delay, socketColor_1, socketColor_2, socketColor_3, spellid_1, spellid_2, spellid_3, spellid_4, spellid_5, spelltrigger_1, spelltrigger_2, spelltrigger_3, spelltrigger_4, spelltrigger_5, displayid, stat_type1, stat_value1, stat_type2, stat_value2, stat_type3, stat_value3, stat_type4, stat_value4, stat_type5, stat_value5, stat_type6, stat_value6, stat_type7, stat_value7, stat_type8, stat_value8, stat_type9, stat_value9, stat_type10, stat_value10, stackable FROM item_template WHERE entry=?”, $id_item

it’s there another way to get user items info?

PD. now i’m correctly making server conection, only boots tables i can’t find a solution to that.

Many Thanks.