Gameobject Animation Stop?

There is a object I’m trying to fix for midsummer - I checked dbcs and it is the one I need. It seems in blizzard somehow the burning animation that it has can stop. Is there any way to do this here? I checked gotemplate, also tried to set to 0 animation in gameobject for the specific spawn just to test and had no result.

Maybe there is specific type I’m missing out, but I’m pretty sure it should be 8 since it is required as spellfocus, but anyway if there is such type maybe need a double spawn.

Of course I can’t deny the possibility to be unable to find the right display. Just want to be sure that there is no such feature. I also checked all graphical displays that are for the festival and are connected with bonfires and wood piles. Tried with questgiver/gobber types to mess up with animations and still nothing. I practicly need the same graphic, but without the fire from it. :confused:

P.S.: Important one: I found out that there is gameobject ArtKit that makes the object on/off. I’ve a spell also that can make this, how can I use this?

The spell is ID - 46903 Stamp Out Bonfire (Art Kit)


BasePoints = 1


EffectMiscValueA = 20

And the object is 181288. The graphic doesn’t matter in this case, but I can provide it too if needed.

void Spell::EffectActivateObject(SpellEffIndex /effIndex/){



if (!gameObjTarget)


ScriptInfo activateCommand;

activateCommand.command = SCRIPT_COMMAND_ACTIVATE_OBJECT;

// int32 unk = m_spellInfo->Effects[effIndex].MiscValue; // This is set for EffectActivateObject spells; needs research

gameObjTarget->GetMap()->ScriptCommandStart(activateCommand, 0, m_caster, gameObjTarget);


Is this effect scripted good on first place, I mean tried to cast it and nothing happens.