Gameobject Portal using World Trigger


As the title says I would like a little piece of advice on how to create a custom portal using :

  1. gameobject

  2. world trigger (invisible non-selectable npc)

  3. visual

All the best and thank you in advance


Actually this is the right section since he is making a request…

However, you are going to have to provide a little more info on what you want to happen.

– Brian

ahhh he means if he clicks on a portal object or something that he will teleport to the trigger.

like the wintergrasp teleporters.

@wowgm123 somthing like that , or the way SOTA portals work ( gameobject name : Defender’s Portal ) for the defending parties.

Explaining my above post :

  1. gameobject - the object that interacts with the player (the player clicks on it)

  2. world trigger - the object which sends the player to the right coordinates

  3. visual - the visual effect

Thank you very much for supporting my cause /emoticons/default_smile.png