Git Pull Request?

Alright, so I am new in contributing TrinityCore, I’ve tried to kinda push my code in TrinityCore’s 3.3.5 branch and it didn’t work. Can somebody tell me how to make a git pull request so I can join in?

Thank you.

P.S Sorry if this is a stupid thread.

You need to fork TrinityCore first, then push to your own repo, if you have multiple remember to squash, and remember to read the coding standards. After that you open a pull request from your own repo.

If you want the exact commands, they’re here.

In github you can select the branch you want to make the PR to when you are about to make the PR didn’t work quite right

Yep, fail attempt. Can someone lead me through this or something?

Read all the links that were provided to you.

You need to create a (updated) branch in your fork ( and then commit your changes to the new branch and then open a PR from your new branch to the 3.3.5 branch of TrinityCore

You still got it wrong ( When you create pull request you have to pick the 3.3.5 branch, it selects 6.x by default.

While at it, re-do your commit but this time using SPACES instead of TABS (1 tab = 4 spaces) (