Global Spell


I got a question ppl, is it possible to cast a global spell that every player will have in the world?

I just got the idea like retail, before cataclysm was released they had some random earthquakes, i wonder if this is also possible. I already tried something in Player::Update function but that works like crap /emoticons/default_sad.png (maybe im just noob xD)

So anyone a idea?

Big and small Earthquake creatures (triggers, not visible to players) were spawned everywhere. Those creatures were the ones casting the quakes. (And not a “global spell”)

Also thought about that , but that will let me spawn alot of them /emoticons/default_sad.png what kinda sucks /emoticons/default_sad.png

Well I think you would also need to script them… Is the “earthquake” spell working?



I kinda need it too.

Would be awesome.

ArcEmu has a command that allows you to give every player online a buff or message etc. Try look at the code there? I knows it is maybe a little bit different, but it might give you the idea on how to do it /emoticons/default_smile.png