.go xyz wqith orientation

A while ago I’ve submitted a pull request to add an optional orientation parameter to .xyz and to merge .go xy and .go xyz into one command. It has been tested and compiles & runs correctly.

The main reason for submitting the request is that I’m working on a quite extensive GM addon with a spawns module in it. Adding orientation to .go xyz would allow much easier exact spawns, either through an addon or manually, while not needing to go into the database.

For example, in the past I made a maze builder for arcemu, in which you could draw the maze in a web-based tool, and then automatically spawn it in-game through an addon. I would like to port it to trinitycore, but that’s only possible if you can either port with an orientation parameter (e.g. rotate your character in an exact direction) or rotate objects through an in-game command. Although either would work equally fine, I’ve always preferred porting with orientation over rotating objects myself because it puts a little less stress on the server. It’s also a much simpler change to the core, and doesn’t add an other command to the already quite extensive list.

Since the pull request doesn’t seem to be getting much attention I’d like to bring it up here. Could any TC developer look into the pull request and the code submitted? If there’s a problem with it and something needs to be changed, I can of course edit it. But it’d be really nice to have some sort of feedback at least, so the code can eventually be accepted and merged into the main branch /emoticons/default_tongue.png

It would be nice to get some kind of reply on this. If something is wrong with the code submitted, please let me know so I can alter it.

If you’re wondering what exactly it’s needed for, please take a look at paragraph 4 of this page. I’ve made a sample of what I eventually want the spawns module of the addon to look like, you’ll probably get the idea /emoticons/default_tongue.png

Once it’s done I intend to release the addon to the public. For whoever is interested, I’ve already uploaded some screenshots and an early version of the addon (anyone familiar with ticketchaos on arcemu/ascent will probably recognise the interface).

Would be great to have this back *remembers some arcemu times"

There are alot of commands id love to have on trinitycore, but since im not doing the work to get them implemented I feel I’ve no right to complain,

However I think this would be a very nice addition to the command list /emoticons/default_smile.png

Yeah, it sure would be nice if pull requests were being done properly, I have one that has been waiting over 2 weeks now, and isn’t anything that drastically changes anything, but, it still isn’t implemented… Power of the community my ass.

Bump, still no reply of any dev /emoticons/default_sleep.png

I’ll just quote here what I commented on the pull request…

More than two months have passed without any developer comment here or on the forums… Funny how you say "We love to hear from our users too, whether you want to give words of encouragment or if you have code for us to merge into the repo (please file a pull request if you do, we love it when users contribute /emoticons/default_smile.png ). " on your homepage. It seems to me that if it doesn’t personally interest one of the active devs, no one bothers to even to look into a pull request…
As I have already posted on the forums, the reason I’d like this to be implemented is to be able to make a more advanced spawning addon for GMs. This is not something that’d only benefit me, it’d be beneficial for the whole tc community. If after more than 2 months not a dingle comment has been made on such a simple request though, that is not at all encouraging to continue my addons.

The bottom line is, accepting this pull request benefits everyone who runs or GMs on a tc-based server and wants to do spawns in-game. If you’re not going to accept it, ok fine. Just post that it won’t be implemented and I’ll stop QQing. A reason would be nice, but I suppose that’s too much to ask for if I can’t even get a single reply from anyone in two months.