Gobject as a teleporter (problem with gossip)


Lets say that I had an NPC with working gossip teleportation.

NPC ID: 190 000
Gossip menu ID: 50000

9 smart_scripts with 9 working teleports. Everything is working fine, but I need to switch it to a gameobject.

Added a gameobject, gave him the gossip_menu_id - it pops out, I can click on cities (SW, Orgrimmar etc), but nothing happens. How should I fill smart_scripts/gameobject_temp to make this done? I think g_temp is done, cause it only needed gossip (it pops = 50% done). An error is in smart_scripts, cause there may be wrong sourcetype? If you have any idea, please help. Regards.

You need to set SourceType to 1 and set AIName = SmartGameObjectAI in gamebject_template

See http://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/smart_scripts

also make sure the entryorguid in smart_scripts is the same as the gameobject entry.