Gold cap

The gold cap is limited to 21700100 copper right? There is no way to pass this value? Like having over 400k gold? Im very sure this is not limited by the client, because I saw it on a 2.4.3 server they handled the gold to cap at 400k+ gold. And I see on cataclysm the limit is bigger now, any help on passing this value? Somehow im sure the gold is handled in the core to pass that limit

Actually, I am pretty sure it’s capped at that within the client. Else:

“characters”.“characters”.“money” is an Int32 value (2147483647). You might want to set it to UInt32 (4294967295) or, even, UInt64 - which might not be a pretty thing. Make sure to update all the relevant queries.

There is a core cap at least. (hardcoded)

I once took a look at the stuff and modified it to be uint32 I think …

But then some things bugged out a little and I had to modify a lot more things like the mail system at some part and so.

I didnt release the modification though and I dont have it anymore.

But I dont think the cap on client side is int32, but likely you cant go over uint32.

It’s indeed client limitation.

that’s one step /emoticons/default_smile.png And also there’s something in the core too which has to be changed

very true, im sure the client supports more /emoticons/default_smile.png

Forgive me this comment, but…
… Selective reading at it’s best.

Make sure to update all the relevant queries.

If you want to prevent players from exceeding the 400K gold limit, then do some mass SQL updates to reduce gold received from quests & drops.

I dont understand

Players can only exceed the 400K gold if the game is giving them that much gold. Simply tone down the money from drops, quests and selling items and your problem is solved.

Do a mass update on the following DB fields, for example:

Item_template: sellPrice, buyPrice

quest_template: rewardOrRequireMoney

creature_template: minGold, maxGold

That’s a good start.

Or simply lower the gold rate multiplier.

There’s a multiplier? lol… even easier.

I’ll just leave this here.










Description: Drop rates for money and items based on quality.

Default: 1 - (Rate.Drop.Item.Poor)

1 - (Rate.Drop.Item.Normal)

1 - (Rate.Drop.Item.Uncommon)

1 - (Rate.Drop.Item.Rare)

1 - (Rate.Drop.Item.Epic)

1 - (Rate.Drop.Item.Legendary)

1 - (Rate.Drop.Item.Artifact)

1 - (Rate.Drop.Item.Referenced)

1 - (Rate.Drop.Money)

Rate.Drop.Item.Poor = 1

Rate.Drop.Item.Normal = 1

Rate.Drop.Item.Uncommon = 1

Rate.Drop.Item.Rare = 1

Rate.Drop.Item.Epic = 1

Rate.Drop.Item.Legendary = 1

Rate.Drop.Item.Artifact = 1

Rate.Drop.Item.Referenced = 1

Rate.Drop.Money = 1

Those are just the drop rates though.

Probably wont touch the item costs or quests.

Btw. the thing ppl are trying to say here is that instead of increasing the gold cap, you could make money worth more.

what has drop rates to do with what I was saying?..

L O L /emoticons/default_ph34r.png

You need new glasses:

Rate.Drop.Money = 1

I don’t wanna change the worth of money, and stop being rude

Please take the entire conversation into context.You can not increase the gold cap more than before mentioned. It’s not possible, client wise. We suggested to maybe decrease the amount of gold you can earn by reducing the drop rate, so that it is more worth depending on what you want. Also, you just asked what it has to do with it all, while there is a money rate config there. You could’ve just said from the beginning that you do not intend to change the rate.

With that, I’d say the topic is closed. You got what you need, namely an explaination on why you can not increase the money much further and possibly config changes to make the money more worth.

Why not? It gets changed on retail with every patch.