Gossip NPC

Hi, sorry for my English

I am new to this and do not need your help please programming

Help me create a Gossip NPC.

Of the following characteristics:

Levee at level 80 player, hand bags and delivered. the item’s corresponding according to class and branch.

Note: The NPC should read the player’s class and this should select the branch he used. Example: Warrior: Tank or DPS

Note 2: The player may only go up to level 80 and claim rewards once.

If they had some guidance

Do you mean, the account only gets one instant 80? Or every player on the account gets instant 80?

Do you want this handled on Login or what?

Or as LordUsagi mentioned ?

I explained to them that the player talk to the NPC,

The NPC has the following options:

• I want to be 80!

• give me 2k gold!

• Give me my armor (according to class)

· I am dps (according to class)

· I am tank (according to class)

· I am healer (according to class)

Is then recorded in the database to no longer re-order items 2 times

I want to handle by custom script and add it to a npc gossip.

I want something like this code:

http://pastebin.com/UCDApYE5, but applied even npc

Sorry for my English.

Thanks for responding

Everything up to checking a players spec is easily doable.

Not quite sure how i would handle that if i started scripting it.

its going to be something like this , btw i dont have time to test it .


dont forget to change the items.

good luck.

Thanks for responding served me much help your code.

As a last point I would like to know how I can log into the database AUTH (I have created a specific table), so that when the player returns to talk to the NPC, and will not display the menu or simply whispee can no longer return to order items

Sorry for my English