Granting global MySQL database access to user, + installing HeidiSQL?

Well, never thought people really following the wiki exactly xD. For security reason you may will change later the default password for user trinity or never ever give other host rights than localhost. If you would give host right like % it’s likely you will get hacked early or later.

Atm, I don’t know what the problem could be. You have a user trinity, that’s good. The user trinity has permission to the 3 databases, that’s also good. And as I understand you right you installed the mysql server and the trinity server on the same machine, so both are localhost.

Last thing you may can try is to connect from Ubuntu terminal as user trinity:

[FONT=‘Courier New’]mysql -u trinity -p[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Enter password trinity and check if you can access.[/FONT]

I meant that I followed the guide, where it says to change the password in the .conf files. And it was as the user Trinity that I ran worldserver. I’ll give that another go in a moment to see if it works now for some reason.

A’ight, gave it a go, now MySQL is refusing my password for trinity. Which is utterly bizarre. Changed the password to the exact same thing I set it to, now I can get into trinity.

And now it works. For some bizarre reason, the password changed even though I explicitly kept a text file of it. After changing it to the same password, it now works? This is just bananas.

Thanks for the help so far lads, I really appreciate it. Expect questions about accessing MySQL databases once I get started on making tools.