GUID assignemt by the core

If the GUID is null, does the core automatically assign the next available GUID, or does it still have to be specified? Like a nextGUID field? I was thinking if it was NULL the core could automatically assign the next available GUID (updating the creature DB record to reflect it) before actually spawning it, since these are unique to the core and not the actual game, and could be different on each server without impacting the game?

For example, any user generated GUID between or above a certain threshold wouldn’t conflict with core VerifiedBuild assertions: core GUID 1-750,000 user GUID 750,001-100000.

“Null” where? Because if you are talking about being null in the core I don’t know what it means. If you are talking about it being null when inserting to the creature table, then yes, the database gets a new guid for your creature (the guid field has AUTO_INCREMENT).

Either way, be careful when you refer to guid because it doesn’t mean the same everywhere. Since two or three months ago, I guess, database guids (sometimes “low guid”) are quite different from the guids the creatures or gameobjects get when they are spawned and they are no longer linked. A spawn of a creature in two different realms will likely get different “full” guids (just like it happens on official).

Thanks Nay! I was referring to the guid field in the creature database, and debating on whether to start all spawns with “safe” guid forward (user specified), or letting the core assign them. If they’re only used on the local server as an internal “reference”, which, if I understand correctly they are, it wouldn’t matter (as long as it’s unique), since the same creature ie.,. Aurok would get different guids across different realms.