Halls Of Reflection

I have a correct DB fix for those who have been having problems with the Spirit Waves not spawning after intro etc.

Took some time too figure out but hell i got it /emoticons/default_tongue.png

Download the attachment and import using your favourite mysql client.

Any problems let me know.


I believe the spirit waves (mobs) should have those unit_flags attached in the DB, the script for the instance is still in development.


Is called during the event, then removing that unit_flag.

Iv’e been working on this one and it has been wracking my brains

Your definition of “correct” is pretty wrong.

It is pointless to attach a .zip of a 5 line .sql file. You could have just pasted the code on the topic or use pastebin or gist for that.

It is really bad to use replace into, especially in creature_template. You should have used UPDATE and only change what needs to change.

Nice try anyway /emoticons/default_smile.png

Yeh sorry about that, should have used pastbin in that regards.

Was worth a try, it works but having issues with Marwyn and Falric attacking after the waves.

Allow me too state what i did above with better terms /emoticons/default_tongue.png

This is my Crap temporary fix for those who want waves too spawn lol

post whatever you feel is right here, and we will comment it (i dont open zips unless i have a good reason to)

Thanks Bio, and yep understandable /emoticons/default_smile.png


I think is better like that !?

-- Normal UPDATE `creature_template` SET `unit_flags`=576, `dynamicflags`=136 WHERE `entry` IN (38172, 38175, 38176, 38173, 38177, 38113, 38112); -- Heroic UPDATE `creature_template` SET `unit_flags`=576, `dynamicflags`=136 WHERE `entry` IN (38599, 38603, 38524, 38525, 38563, 38544, 38564);[/sql]

no need to change dynamic flags,theyre ok…just change those unit_flags

instead of commenting – normal

put something more understandable:

– set (whatever flag you set and why) for normal mobs

– normal

– heoric

wher eyou dont put the flagid but what it does /emoticons/default_tongue.png

(just random comment rage rest is ok)