[Help] Creature respawn position = corpse

Hey guys,

I have a problem with my Trinitycore (an older version without mmaps) patched to 4.3.4.

Ironforge Mountaineer (for example) respawns at a wrong position (respawn position = corpse position). At this position he is not attackable.

If I walk to the correctl respawn position, the Mountaineer run fast to his original position and then attack me and is attackable.

Entry: 727

DB Guid: 242712

No Waypoints

If a creature respawns with waypoints, it respawn at the wrong corpse position and walk fast to its original respawn position.

Maybe some ideas how to fix this problem on my core or a tip why it spawn the visibel npc at the wrong position and the “targetbox” at the correct position?

No one an idea?

This should probably be in the issue tracker