Help Fixing Guild Withdraw Bug

Was wondering if anyone could give a pointer on this issue, it’s been annoying me for some time now:

After fixing the bug where you couldn’t deposit money in a guild bank without buying tabs, the “withdraw” button will disable itself during the world Update() process.

I’ve tried patching the following but it didn’t work:

void Guild::SendBankTabData(WorldSession* session, uint8 tabId) const


	// Prevent disabling 'Withdraw' button with zero purchased tabs


	if (tabId < _GetPurchasedTabsSize())


		_SendBankContent(session, tabId);



Also mucked around with these but to no avail:



If you sit with the bank window open long enough the button will go grey. I didn’t notice this in my original patch because I simply withdrew money and closed the window.

Any idea where else the button might be being disabled? I’d like to properly fix this since the previous patch was pushed to the core and I don’t like fixing only half a problem.

This was the original patch, obviously more is needed:…4091d5d289a1700


I suffer from this same bug, hope someone knows how to fix it.

Usually a char has a guild, he is the leader, but he cant take stuff from bank “You dont have permission to do that”.

You can fix this problem ingame with renaming the tab name and than change it back. (i think this used to work)