Help me to apply patch ...

Hello everyone , i need help because i have so many people which are using hacks ,

like : speed , exploits, fly hacks , dmg hack…

So i need this , when they login ingame with hack , the patch will ban them for 24h

I have on my source code this patch but idk how to apply it ,

Add me on skype if you want to help : aca987

Picture is with annonymous /emoticons/default_smile.png


You can use git apply:

git clone …

cd TrinityCore

git apply --check /home/user/patch.diff
git apply --whitespace=fix /home/user/patch.diff

well , this isn’t working really , i tryed and that and it isn’t working … So i added the patch ingame and i couldn’t login ingame it stops on CONNECTED . Does anyone knows what’s the problem ?

open up git extensions and you see recent Repositories, click any of those that you want to apply a patch.

then you see CMD on top by plugins menu option

then you do this * git apply name.diff * (you have to put patch name in, not name.diff).

then recomplie.

more details would be a favour