Help| messing with QuestScripting

So It’s came to my attention that quest scripting is quite messy to use, due that it doesn’t exactly relates to the quest itself but to a certain creature (differ then simple creature scripting when it actually belongs to creature)

eh… ye…

so basically i wrote my very first QUEST script and i’m struggling to actually make it working.

the code is here below

for some reason it seems like the script does not triggered by the quest, not at all

the script is here below

many thanks for the help

OnQuestAccept should be outside ScriptedAI

Aight, as I did.

tried it with BasicEvent, although it gives error that missing a semicolon at someevent squirly brackets.

Ps: had to switch to timed event, because even though i imported it out, the script didn’t triggered when it was supposed to (onquestaccepeted)

script is here:


bumping your thread after less than 24 hours will not win you any friends…

Now you have a function inside OnQuestAccept which I don’t think is valid C++ unless somebody changed the standard overnight.