[HELP] pls help me with this

im trying to do some smartai, and what i want to do is when this npc dies(npc1) make this npc(npc2) do go to next phase or do something i heard that i need to use SMART_EVENT_DATA_SET and SMART_ACTION_SET_DATA but there is almost no info on these or how to use them, so can anyone please help me out with this someone sent me this example but i dont understand it http://paste2.org/AAyUKwB2

Hey, this might help you out!

event_type - 6 - SMART_EVENT_DEATH


target_type - 8 - SMART_TARGET_POSITION (X, Y, Z, O)

To set a creature phase use: action_type 44 SMART_ACTION_SET_INGAME_PHASE_MASK with 10 - SMART_TARGET_CREATURE_GUID

Not sure about the phase mask but I think that’st he one I used.

ah i appreciate the help but i already knew how to do that haha, and its not what im looking for but never the less thank you for at least trying

Explain me, what do you want to do then?
Do you mean phases like, Phase 1 = Cast only fireballs, phase 2 = cast only frostbolts, phase 3 = cast only arcane blasts?

Boss phases

ah well i think so, well heres what im currently doing ill explain.

i have a npc who im using for gossip and when i talk to him and click the gossip menu option thingy, he summons a creature and activates an object, and thats all working just fine, and what i want is when that creature that he summoned dies like on that creatures death event i want the gossip npc to like update or go to next phase so that when i go talk to him again he will summon the next creature, so basically what im after is when a certain event happens on 1 npc i want this other event to happen on this other npc if that makes sense, so its basically going to work like the instance trial of the crusader/champion works where u talk to the announce and the events happen and the boss spawns if you get what i mean.

hope it wasn’t confusing for you.

Only way coming in my mind is to script that, but there’s another option which might work:


Talked to NPC1, Creature 1 dies, NPC1 vanishes (changed phase) and NPC 2 appears.


Then work with event gossip select (62) and gossip hello (64).

You can also work with SMART_EVENT_SUMMON_DESPAWNED (35) to reset the NPC when the player died.

ah wait how exactly do you mean?

[SIZE=14px]Ok let’s redo this I’ve took a deeper thought and figured this won’t work like I’ve explained before.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14px]Ok: Boss dies, set the Phase, of the NPC he has to talk to, to something different than the player. Spawn another NPC with a new boss and repeat it until u’re done with ur instance.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14px]Most simple way without scripting tho[/SIZE]

ah wait hold on the phase i meant was the boss phase like event phase not like phase ingame whether they’re visible or not if u know what i mean

Yes I know, but thats a way how u can spawn your creatures within the phases.

mmm is there nothing we can do with SMART_EVENT_DATA_SET & SMART_ACTION_SET_DATA ?