[Help] Problems with the login protocol [6.x]

I’d been running the x64 version of the 6.2.3 client and previous Trinity server compilation successfully for the past month or 2.

But, after March 24th I was unable to log in to my 64-bit client (although I in no way used or attempted their launcher - all client runs were executed via the “wow-64_patched.exe” file). I suspect that somehow Blz somehow could see that there was a patch difference in my client version vs their latest patch.

So after numerous unsuccessful attempts at logging in to client, I updated the client patchwise from client source, waited for Trinity Server update, and built, recompiled 64-bit version (successfully), as of a few days ago. I ran server, installed “bnetaccount create test@test test”, modified the client’s config.wtf file, then pasted the new patcher file into the client folder, and dragged wow-64.exe over the patcher, then ran the “wow-64_patched.exe” executable - which resulted in bringing up the latest 6.2.4 21355 client.

But, I have not been able to successfully log in to the client with the new configuration. The client response continues to be:

“Unable to connect. Please try again later. If this problem, please contact technical support at: …
… index.xml?gameld=11&rootCategoryld=2316] (BLZ51901002)”

I’ve uninstalled the client and BNet accounts, reinstalled same and gone through pretty much the same process again with exactly the same result.

I’m really at a standstill at this point - please help!

Have you recompiled/updated the Trinitycore server to the latest revision as well as updated to the latest SQL updates?

I have this problem too, see my comments bellow https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/dde620c402daf4ea8d132fb72a77eabc22f7a6d0

I still cant log in

have the same problem

Please help

Change Auth/realmlist/gamebuild to the latest build [COLOR=rgb(0,134,179)]21355 in DB

Everything OK
new have Compiled now working there Correct :wink:

is portal patchlist and realm list set to the correct ip in config wtf. also is your realmlist table pointed to the correct ip and build version in your db?

I’ve updated from 6.2.3 and i’m experiencing this as well, kind of regret updating now :confused:

Compiled 6.x tonight but i have the same issue, i was using 3.3.5 before but this is a fresh DB. Any hint?

@Dabloon I want to connect on my computer (localhost) settins are:

config.wtf : SET portal “localhost”

bnetserver.conf :

LoginREST.Port = 8081

everything on default settings (auth.realmlist is from fresh auth db - nothing changed), runned connection_patcher succesfully like on 6.2.3…fresh auth/char/hotfix/world database till revision https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/c1c02535605710cf42e748c76d3aa7184551bab4

and I cant still log in…stil persist problem BLZ51901002 like client cant connect so bnetserver.exe

I want fix starting zones like this https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/7de5842f08645f24f20e24baf2a57cc4291db37e

but I cant…if anybody not help me, I will stop patching starting zones…

Do not use “localhost” in portal - type in the ip address directly “”.

Since the new patch client can translate “localhost” to IPv6 representation instead, “::1” which will not work.

Thank you very much Shauren by this: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/fa74fa1f4db379b24dfd3366860e15dd6ed28e5a

I set (my local IP adress) in bnetserver.conf and config.wtf too:

config.wtf : SET portal “”

bnetserver.conf :

LoginREST.Port = 8081

and THIS is not in trinitycore “manual” Installation guide https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/Server+Setup

there is : " [COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)]The IP in the Config.wtf file should be exactly the same as the IP address you entered in the realmlist table above. (Example: SET portal “localhost”[COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)]) "

anyway thank you very much one more time :slight_smile:

is your local and external addresses set in realmlist table?

Ever since I’ve switched from WoDCore to trintiy I can’t log in to the client.

It keeps throwing me the error as said in the title. Any ideas?

I was just dealing with this myself.

  1. I reviewed the forums and found that the I had copied the Wow.exe and Wow-64.exe to linux, run the connection_patcher, ignoring the missing issues. End result, couldn’t connect.

so… I created a Windows share with my copy of Wow and all its files… (sometimes I want to play real Wow). I mounted that windows share to a mount point in linux.

I changed directory to the mount point so that Wow.exe was in my current working directory.

I then ran the connection_patcher from deep in the build directory that I used to build the Linux version of the server.

this is the command I used:

/storage/wow/tc6/TrinityCore/build/src/tools/connection_patcher/connection_patcher Wow.exe

I’m now currently in my server. The bold part should be the same on your system.

IT’s all good :slight_smile: I fixed it by adding the bnet and worldserver executables to the firewall.

Then it gave me another BLZ5190 error which I fixed by re-doing the patcher and getting the tc_bundle txt file or whatever.

Thank you Shauren for the fix - I gave up after 2 weeks of frustration with other viewers’ suggestions which did not solve my problem. I do appreciate all responses, however, in that some of the suggestions did help me to clean up some database discrepancies. Anyway, after substituting in the wtf file, lo and behold, magic coalesced into success and I am one very happy 75 year old camper.

[SIZE=14px]I’m having to log on to the server console provides protocol mismatch. (Screenshot attached)
P.S. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14px]I used by clients 6.2.3 instead of[/SIZE] 6.2.4, for the reason that he could not find it. If possible, could you share the source for a client.

[SIZE=14px]I hope for[/SIZE] you.


@omgdior : The Login on 6.2.4 is using REST API and 6.2.3 old method, only use bserver and wserver for that version.