[HELP REQUEST] Converting Data from Trinity 7331 (322a) to last Trinity (335a)

Helo I have five questions

Is there any utilites that help me converting my old database for trinitycore 7331 to last revision ?

My second question is : Can i create own command . if yes how ? I am beginer in C++

Do you post any examples for me please ?

Where can i found Trinity Database repro ? Where i can downlad lastest database ?

In Old forum exist menu called Trinity Database Repro . now is missing … I see only trinity core repro menu at top of the site

How many GM Levels have new version of trinity ? My version have 3 GM Levels … and i read that new version have 4 .


Note that C++ is not required to update your data base.

Yes that I Know because I know SQL (So actualy I know these languages : VB , Pascal , SQL , PHP , HTML , Java [basic] )

And now I am learning C++ …

but C is needed if I editing core … I am making custom patches for trinity (easy basic patches because I am beginer , it working fine ) But I don’t know how to I add own command … I try this but compilation will fail …

How can I add custom command to core ?

Do you post example for me please ? Thank for your help …

I can’t help you with C++, not that custom stuff interest me.

Is there any utilites that help me converting my old database for trinitycore 7331 to last revision ?

Apply all the sqls in sql/old folder. Make backups every few steps.

Forget the world DB (unless you have a lot of custom crap), and forget the realm DB (unless you have a LOT of realms) – you can recreate those two from scratch with the latest and greatest… Download the newest TC full DB from github and then apply all updates in sql/updates/world. For your realm DB, just use the one in sql/base and edit it to add your realms back in.

So that leaves the character DB. Look in sql/old/3.2.2a and execute all the characters sql in order from 7332+. Once you are done with that, move on to 3.3.2, 3.3.3a and finally 3.3.5a. Lastly run the 3 updates (as of this writing) in sql/updates/auth_char and you characters DB will be up to date and compatible with the latest and greatest TC.

– Brian

When done, check to make sure the latency column in the characters table is located after power7 and not at the end of the column list.

As for examples of creating a command, check srcserverscriptsExamples and srcserverscriptsCommands